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Helmiine Home was born from the unwavering dream of two childhood friends, to bring fragments of magic into everyday life. We belive in small things. We know that dreamy and bright moments and places don’t just have to be part of books and movies, but we can actually create everything we find elusive and inexplicable.

We are here to turn your home into a place where every ordinary moment becomes special. A place where everyday poetry is born.

IB Laursen, whose products are mainly offered by Helmiine Home, is a Danish company. The designers have drawn inspiration mainly from the Nordic traditions to craft the product range. Classic and minimalistic. Some special nuance has been added to each product, which is why we love IB Laursen so much!

In addition to IB Laursen, small companies from Sweden are represented. We invest in quality and timeless style.

We are in favor of sustainable consumption, so most of our product range is made from recycled materials.

Kadri & Maili

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